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How can I utilize images uploaded to Cloudinary as featured images?

Orly Bogler
posted this on March 25, 2013, 12:09

In order to use Cloudinary's images as featured images, make sure to upgrade to the latest version of Cloudinary's WP plugin.

You first need to insert an image to your post using Cloudinary's media library and to save a draft of your post. Then click on the 'Set featured image' link of WordPress. This will open the standard media library of WordPress that now includes also the Cloudinary images you previously inserted to your post. Select the image you want and that's it.

The featured image will be uploaded using Cloudinary's generated transformed version of your images, and delivered through a fast CDN.

Another option is to go to your existing WordPress media library, and click on the 'Upload to Cloudinary' link of the relevant media items. The images will be uploaded to Cloudinary and cloud-based WordPress media items will be automatically added to your media library. Now you can select these images as featured images.

In addition, you can use 3rd party plugins like Featured Image via URL. With this plugin you can easily enter any URL of your Cloudinary images (including transformed ones) to set it as a featured image for your post.



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Bob Sayles

Thanks so much for your response. This was very helpful.

March 28, 2013, 23:34
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Dominic Smith

Hey guys! I'm using WP User Frontend plugin to allow my users to post on my site - how can i incorporate the cloudinary uploader to their front end experience?

June 13, 2013, 22:41
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Dominic Smith

Also, featured images aren't working for me :(

June 14, 2013, 03:28
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Itay Taragano

Hi Dominic, 

Regarding your first question - You can do that via our PHP integration library. Please see our sample PHP project:

Regarding the featured images, Please insert the image to a post first and save the post as draft. If you did all that and that still didn't work, please explain us what steps you've taken so we can further assist you.

June 24, 2013, 17:47
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Mark Thwaites

I also cannot get featured images to work, even when following the steps noted.  It shows up in WP media as clouldinary content, but when I add it as a featured image, it does not show up in my blog. However, when I change my theme to the new Twenty Thirteen, it shows correctly.  So it has to be with the PHP setting of how the content is pulled.   I will dig into the settings and see if I can find the setting, but if you have any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

August 2, 2013, 20:32
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Mark Ridgeway

I can resize Cloudinary images before using them in a post but, how do I resize images for use as the featured image?  Is the image size I chose for the post the one I get in the featured image?  Can I control the size of the Cloudinary featured image?

September 11, 2013, 18:26
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Itay Taragano

You can use Cloudinary images as featured images either by inserting images to your post or by clicking on "Add to post gallery".

The image that would be used as a featured image is based on Cloudinary transformations you apply using Cloudinary's web interface (e.g., resize, rotate, round, add overlays, etc.). You can generate images of any size and effect you want.
Then the transformed image you selected as a featured image might be furthered manipulated or resized to match the requirements of your WordPress theme. This means that if your theme displays featured images in certain dimensions, the selected images would be automatically resized again to fit the dimensions.

September 28, 2013, 12:54