Legal naming conventions

Disclaimer: these requirements may change from time to time due to different design requirements.

Cloud name:

  • Length: between 2 and 128 characters
  • Allowed characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -
  • Must begin with a letter
  • Must not end with “-cld” unless using a private S3 bucket
Public ID:
  • Length: between 1 and 255 characters
  • Allowed characters: any language character (including non-english) and in addition dot '.' and dash '-', as well as any HTML escaped characters (E.g. “%26” as opposed to “&”)
    While '?&#\%<>' are utterly forbidden, other special characters will be replaced with underscores '_' and preceding/trailing occurrences will be trimmed off
  • Should not begin nor end with whitespace or forward-slash (those will be omitted as well)
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