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Permitted naming conventions



  • Kenneth Duverge

    I seem to have a folder with a "v" followed by numbers. Not sure how that happened, how would I go about renaming it? I can't seem to find the settings to do so

  • Thomas Gurung

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for reaching out. 

    It looks like you are referring to the version component which is present when you copy the delivery URL from the UI or retrieve it from the API. This is not a folder in your account and you can simply remove this string from the URL without any issues.

    This article explains how this works so let me know if you have any further questions?

    I'm looking forward to your response.

    Kind Regards,

  • Peter Millar

    Hi Nadav,

    What would be your recommendation for folder-naming? How do most of your clients name their main library of syndicated images?


  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Paul,

    The details here are about which characters are permitted to be used in a folder name but how the folders are actually named will be determined by how your application or organization structures its assets or your other business requirements. We don't have any specific recommendations from our side that would generally apply to customers' use-cases.

    If you're using the Media Library and are considering how permissions to folders will be granted to your account's users with their various permission levels, we do have some guidance here about how to build the hierarchy, primarily that permissions cascade downwards, and you can't "remove" access to a subfolder from a user who has access to the parent folder:

    We also have this general guide about implementing best practices with our asset management features, but again the folder names would be based on how your business organises things, rather than a general 'template':


  • HannWei Toh

    It seems that the character + (plus sign) is allowed in a folder name.  I guess this is how it got into some of the folder names in my organization.

    Now, there is a problem.  A public ID will have folder name in front.  So, the public ID looks like “abc/def + ghi/dkazjakd”.  “cld admin update” does not accept this kind of public ID, and says :

    Error: Error 404 - Resource not found

    Should Cloudinary automatically change the character + to something else?  Otherwise, how is cld supposed to update an image that resides in that folder?

  • Thomas Gurung

    Hi HannWei,

    Thanks for the message, we are aware of Admin API returning 404 when an asset has plus sign and it's in our backlog to fix.

    For now, you can use the Search API instead with the expression like public_id="abc/def + ghi/dkazjakd" - this will give you the asset_id and you can use the asset_id with “cld admin update”.

    Kind Regards,



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