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Can I upload audio files to my Cloudinary account?



  • Ronald Muwonge

    I tried uploading but seems it doesnt accept audio files in the free tier

  • Pham Minh Kha
    just change "resource_type" to "auto"
    \Cloudinary\Uploader::upload($file,array("resource_type" => "auto",'folder' => 'myFolder' ));
  • Serhii Kudryk

    When resource_type is set to 'video' for uploaded audio file (mp3) the duration returned is wrong (in my case 22:50 returned insted of 05:42), also audio is transcoded to wav format.

  • Lori Bannon

    I am trying to work in React and running into issues. I just want to upload audio files via the video resource type from a React front end / node back end and then add the meta data to the database????

    So far all documentation has been limited. Any help?

  • Adam Gerthel

    @lori bannon

    Exact implementation varies depending on what you're trying to accomplish but in general, you'd want to use some kind of upload on the React end (probably a form?) which sends the file to the node server. The server then sends the file to cloudinary. You can use the cloudinary node module for that part. You'll have to read up on how file processing works when using forms. You'll most likely need the multer module in node as well.

  • Lori Bannon

    Thanks Adam,

    But I am way past that already. I was able to figure out how to upload the audio files and take the response url that is sent from Cloudinary and put it in my users collection in mongo. From there I just grab that url to play.

    Where I am at now is I am trying to stream a video playlist. The demo works on my site, I can bring down one url by using the transformations and overlays but it stops after the first video is done and can't find the next. Arggg. So, troubleshooting that currently.

    Would you be able to point me in the direction of anymore information as to where they are at with the Live features?

  • Adam Gerthel


    Glad to hear it :) I figured that you were probably past it given the date on your comment but that someone might need that info in the future. It sounds like your solution (storing the remote id or url in mongo) is almost identical to my own solution. 

    I'm not using video streaming, only images (with transforms) and audio, so I can't help you with that.

  • boyan

    Hello! I hope you are well. Where do I set the resource_type when using Rails active storage to upload directly to Cloudinary? I am receiving the Invalid image file error when trying to upload audio, however I do not get this error when I upload video or gltf zip files.

    I am uploading media to cloudinary using simple_form. I am not using the Cloudinary Uploader (unless it is secretly being configured and used in the background without me knowing)

  • Ilia Zolas

    This is how I retrieve audio files for my rails app. I am using the free tier.

    <%=cl_video_tagtrack.track.key,:source_types => [:mp3],:controls => true,:poster => false, class:"track-play play-track", id:"play-track"%>
  • Zachary Rubin

    THis seems to have changed with the new UI. Really frustrating that i can't find this simple setting

  • Tia Esguerra

    Hi Zachary,

    I would love to help. Can you let me know which setting you are unable to find?

    Kind regards, 



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