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Can I allow access to uploaded images only for authenticated users?



  • Jyoti Patil

    Thanks for these tips.  We're looking for a way to ensure our images are not accessed outside the mobile app that we are developing . Is there some way of testing the 'authenticated images'  through some demo cloud/site/images that Cloudinary can host, and provide authentication details for test purposes?  That way,  we can develop the app and upgrade to the advanced plan only when the app goes live. 

  • Paolo Cosentino

    So how do I do this in the web?
    You have just talked about all what we can do, but you didn't say how to do it (?)
    I cannot find any option anywhere to make my uploaded images to be private by default.
    Where is the option in the web UI ?

  • Nadav Ofir

    Hi Paolo,
    Check out this documentation about uploading resources with different type preferences:

  • 22social

    Which plan is Premium? Is it any paid plan?

  • Ido

    Our premium (or enterprise) plan is indeed a paid plan. Since it is fully customizable and tailored to the user's needs, you could contact us in the link below letting us you are interested in that plan, and we will get back to you.


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