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How can I prevent users from fetching remote URLs dynamically using my Cloudinary account?



  • Dave Turner

    In our case we are transforming image from varied sites and have no control over it. The transformation is dynamic URL kind.
    How can I prevent scammer using my cloudinary cloudname and using this service for free while I pay the bill?

  • Shirly Manor

    Hi Gour,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    In case someone fetch your images it wouldn't count as your bandwidth.
    If you want to avoid other user to transform your images on-the-fly, you can enable Strict Transformations on your account. more information can be found here:

    Thank you,

  • Jean-François Labbé


    I would like to know how long is this supposed to take to apply the domain restriction for fetching images ?


  • Yakir Perlin

    Hi Jean-François Labbé,

    Domains restriction should take place immediately.

    Note that already cached URLs are still available even after restriction setting.



  • Dennis Cassøe

    Could you make another type of restriction. One where you define ip or domains that are NOT allowed to fetch the images created, and also be able to see which sites are fetching the images stored/generated.


    Another question. For the "Allowed fetch domains", is there a max amount of domains that can be entered?

  • Admin

    Hi there.  I've tried to configure the allowed domains, but the images still seem to be available.

    As a test, I configured "allowed fetch domains" to be "".  I would expect that images requested from my site would then be unavailable, but they are still available.  I even tried uploading new images to verify it wasn't a caching problem, but those were also available.

    Can you please give me more direction on how to configure this?

  • Aditi Madan


    Can you please open a support ticket here- with your cloud name and we can take a deeper look.


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