How to retrieve image dimensions when uploading to Cloudinary using CarrierWave?

You can access the dimensions either before uploading to Cloudinary or afterwards.

For accessing image dimensions after uploading, you can add to your model entity the following code for processing metadata returned by Cloudinary. Please make sure after_save is placed after the mount_uploader definition.

after_save :update_dimensions 

def update_dimensions 
  if self.picture.present? && self.picture.metadata.present? 
    width = self.picture.metadata["width"] 
    height = self.picture.metadata["height"] 
    # TODO: Update model entity 

If you need to perform calculations on your side before uploading, you can use a code like the following one in your uploader class:

class ImageUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base 
  include Cloudinary::CarrierWave 
  process :set_width_height 

  def set_width_height 
    img = ::MiniMagick::Image::read(File.binread(@file.file)) 
    width = img[:width] 
    height = img[:height] 
    # TODO: Perform your calculations instead of assignments 
    new_width = width 
    new_height = height 
    return { :crop=>:fill, :width => new_width, :height=>new_height } 
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  • Avatar
    Nicholas Friend

    doesn't work.

    NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

  • Avatar
    Itay Taragano

    Hi Nicholas,

    We'll need some more information about this.

    You're more than welcomed to  open a ticket and share your code with us, so we'll be able to further assist with this issue.

  • Avatar
    Patrick Kozma


    i would love to be able to use this solution,
    but none of the two code examples work for us in our Rails 3.2 project.

    could i ask for any help?
    i am happy to share code, too

  • Avatar
    Itay Taragano

    Here's a basic sample project demonstrating this (on Rails 4):

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