Do you have a Ruby on Rails sample code for uploading and transforming images?

Cloudinary provides a library for simplifying the integration even further, along with Ruby and Ruby on Rails sample code for uploading and transforming images.

 You can find sample projects that demonstrate common Cloudinary's usage in Ruby on Rails here:

Included three sample projects:

Basic sample for Ruby:

This sample project uploads local and remote images to Cloudinary and generates URLs for applying various image transformations on the uploaded files.

Basic sample for Rails:

Similar to the basic sample described above, implemented as a Rails project. In addition to image uploads, this sample application demonstrates the usage of Cloudinary's view helpers (e.g. cl_image_tag) to apply various image transformations inside Rails views.

Photo Album:

The Photo Album is a full working project for uploading images to a persistent photo album and browsing photos and thumbnails. It uses CarrierWave for managing attachments in the model and perform uploading either from the server side or directly from the browser

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