How can I tag an image?

You can assign one or more tags to images while uploading by clicking on More upload options... in the Upload Images panel and fill the Tags input field before uploading an image.
In addition you can add, modify and remove tags for already uploaded images, by using our API. Here's our PHP API documentation regarding tags management:

It's on our road-map to support managing tags interactively through the Dashboard.



You can now manage your tags interactively through your Dashboard 'Media library'.

Simply select your image, and click Add tag to specify the desired tag for it.


Repeat this to add more tags:



Click on the 'x' to remove a tag:


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  • Avatar
    Anthony Plack

    Is there an ETA on this feature?

  • Avatar
    David Fox

    +1 ... I was thinking I had found a solution to our image mgt needs but... not without tags

    Please also provide a way to view lists of images at various resolutions for simple browsing

  • Avatar
    Scott Rickman

    +1 ... as above I thought that I've found the perfect solution to our image management needs but without tag maintenance Cloudinary is one feature short.

  • Avatar
    David Fox

    Thanks, that is helpful. But...need way to prompt/constrain through realtime tag name lookup/type-ahead...otherwise folks tend to make up tags. Hopefully coming soon?

  • Avatar
    Itay Taragano

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your comment. It's on our to-do list.

  • Avatar
    Itay Taragano


    We now support automatic tag names completion in the Media library. Both when adding a new tag to a resource, or when searching the media library.

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