How to link my images back to WordPress's Media library?

In order to un-link your images from Cloudinary you'll need to migrate away all the images using WordPress's 'Media library'.

Here are the steps:

  1. If the Cloudinary plugin is already installed, please skip to step 4.
  2. If the Cloudinary plugin isn't currently installed, please go to your WordPress's Dahboard, then go to Plugins > Add new > type "Cloudinary" in the search box > click on the "Search plugins" button > then, click the "Install Now" link under the "Cloudinary - Image management and manipulation in the cloud + CDN" search result > and Activate the plugin.
  3. If Cloudinary is successfully installed, you should be able to see Cloudinary in the Dahboard's menu:

  4. Copy the environment variable as found in your Cloudinary Admin console (, then co back to your WordPress dashboard, click on the Cloudinary instance which was just added to the menu, click on "Settings" and paste the environment variable in the 'CLOUDINARY_URL' text box :

  5. Click on 'Media' in WordPress's Menu to see your WordPress's Media library.

  6. By default, WordPress's Media library shows up to 20 images per page, and bulk actions (like "Migrate away from Cloudinary") can be done only on images shown on that specific page. You'll have to repeat that action on every page in order to make sure all of your images are migrated away. However, you can click on "Screen Options" on the upper-right side of your Media Library, and set the Media items to up to 999 items per page, which will significantly ease this task.

  7. The Media library in WordPress 4.1 onward has a new UI design with two different views. List mode and Grid mode. The Grid mode doesn't have some features, including the bulk actions drop-down list. Change it to the List mode (by clicking the icon on the upper-right corner) to display the bulk actions drop-down list.
  8. Select all images by clicking the upper check-box, and under the "Bulk Actions" drop-down list, select "Migrate away from Cloudinary", and click the "Apply" button.

  9. If there are more images in further pages, go to next page and repeat step 7 until you've gone through all images.

  10. After you've gone through all of your images, you should verify that the images were successfully migrates away.

  11. When going through your Media library's resources, if your images show "Upload to Cloudinary":
    then it was successfully migrated away and is now served via your server.

  12. If they show "Uploaded" :
    then it's still served via Cloudinary. In that case, click the check-box next to it, and re-do step 6 until all images have "Upload to Cloudinary" under the "Cloudinary" column.

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