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I'm experiencing an issue with Cloudinary's WordPress plugin. What can I do?



  • Gerhard Messerklinger

    Dir Sirs, 

    First I want to say, that I am happy about the service you are offering. Therefore I wanted to connect my WP site to Cloudinary. Everything worked fine.

    After running all the services (standard: only images and only auto mode) my "Transformations" exploded.

    With only a few visitors (I am running a small site) the transformations skyrocketed up to 40K and more. (below 0.5K visitors to my site),

    Therefore I was forced to "de-"sync the service from my WP site. Too bad for me, but I could not find out, what the exact reason for this was. 

    But I want to thank again for your service. 

    Cheers and greetings from Salzburg, Austria.


  • Ido

    Hu Gerhard

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Cloudinary counts every new upload as a transformation, so when first synchronizing your assets this might have caused the spike. You could read more about our quotas here

    If you could open a request with us at and share your cloud name might be able to specifically help in your case.


    Also, I wanted to share that our future versions of the plugin would have a more noticeable message referring to what you describe.


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