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Does Cloudinary support removing the background from a given image?



  • Tamara Yulevich

    Hi there, 

    Sure, you can go to the docs for every option listed above and see how to upload using the CLI, for example, in the Cloudinary's AI Background Removal add-on:

    cld uploader upload "cat_dog_heads.jpg" public_id="dog_head_fine" background_removal="cloudinary_ai:dog:fine_edges" notification_url=""  

    Docs can be found here.

  • RB Admin


    I'm using Cloudinary CLI (based on Python) to upload images via API to Cloudinary environment/folder.
    Which parameter I should use for removing white-background from images and make them transparent? Only solution found in documentation passing parameter to the URL, but is there an option make transparent background during the upload via API?

    Thank you.

  • Ido

    Hi Sam,


    Could you share a specific example where this is happening?


    Note that you could open a request at and we could take a closer look at your specific use case

  • Sam Cooper

    Hi Itay,

    I need the `e_make_transparent` to remove the white background for my image, this works fine, but for some reason it is changing the sizing. Any thoughts on how to fix this? 

    The params I am using are `c_fill,e_trim,e_make_transparent`. It worked fine with just the first two, but now the sizing is off.

    ~ Sam


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