Why is my image accessible in a certain URL and not in a different one?

Images are cached in our service through the CDN, but are usually deleted using our API. 

When using Ruby on Rails together with CarrierWave, CarrierWave’s default behavior when destroying model records is to delete the associated uploaded images from Cloudinary as well. If you wish, you can modify this behavior by overriding the delete_remote? method in your CarrierWave uploader class and simply return false.
On a different note, you should enable Cloudinary’s automatic backup option. This way, even if you accidentally delete images from your account, you’ll be able to simply revert back to one of their historical versions. Read more about Cloudinary’s backup solution here

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    Lawrence Kiss

    How can I "simply revert back to one..."?  There doesn't seem to be an option when viewing all previous versions on a deleted file, to revert.

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    Itay Taragano

    Hi Lawrence,

    Currently you will need to download the image and re-upload it. It's in our road-map to make this easier.

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    Itay Taragano


    You can go to your account's Media library and search for your images, then click on the 'View backed up versions' button, and click 'Restore'. Restoring images is also supported via the Admin API

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