How can I make Cloudinary's URLs SEO friendly?

Generally, if you upload images to Cloudinary without telling Cloudinary much about your needs, it will use a random file name (public id) for this image, for example: 


If you supply a transformation, it might look like this -,h_150,c_crop,g_south/8jsb1xofxdqamu2rzwt9q.jpg


On upload, you can tell Cloudinary to use a specific file name (public id) instead of a random one, this will turn the URL to something like this -,h_150,c_crop,g_south/seo-friendly-name.jpg


You can then "name" the transformation portion using Cloudinary's interactive transformation creation console, so it might then turn to this -


Cloudinary then supports applying your own CNAME ("Advanced" plan onward). Will turn to this -


Or if no transformation is needed -


Cloudinary also supports supplying a folder structure to the file name when necessary, etc. 
In general, you have much flexibility with Cloudinary.


We now support a new SEO friendly URLs feature for Cloudinary images. For more information:

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