Can images be stored in my own S3 bucket?

If you want to make sure that you have a local backup of all your resources, we suggest using Cloudinary’s automatic backup option to an AWS S3 bucket owned by you. All your uploaded images will be copied to your own S3 bucket, while Cloudinary manages all images, transformed images and metadata in private buckets. This option is available to all of our paid plans with no extra cost. 

Cloudinary also allows using your own S3 bucket instead of Cloudinary’s buckets. This option is available for Premium plan and requires permission assignment to Cloudinary's AWS user through the settings page. Notice that Cloudinary's files are stored in a very specific folder structure, using internal naming conventions.

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    Ethan Kravitz

    It doesn't seem that there is a Premium plan anymore. What is the equivalent plan now?

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    Itay Taragano

    The Premium plan is still available. The Premium plan is now a taylor-made plan, therefore upgrading to such a plan can be done by contacting us and we'll be happy to assist with offering a plan which suits you best.

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