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Can my media be stored in my own backup storage (S3 / Google Storage)?



  • Ethan Kravitz

    It doesn't seem that there is a Premium plan anymore. What is the equivalent plan now?

  • Itay Taragano

    The Premium plan is still available. The Premium plan is now a taylor-made plan, therefore upgrading to such a plan can be done by contacting us and we'll be happy to assist with offering a plan which suits you best.

  • Alan Lowenstein

    Can you provide more up to date information on the premium plan and how to set up using our own private s3 bucket. 

  • Millie Axelrod

    Hi Alan,

    The Premium plans are completely customised. Please contact us with your usage requirements and we will be happy to tailor a plan that will suit your use case, including a private s3 bucket.

  • Ali Ghali


    I just want to use my S3 bucket instead of Cloudinary Bucket, we have a pro plan,

    will it cost any extra fees?

  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Ali,

    We don't have any specific charges for using your own storage bucket as a replacement for Cloudinary's S3 buckets, but it adds some complications to the integration and it's only possible on our enterprise plans and with the assistance of our solutions team

    Additionally, there are several implications to using your own S3 bucket to store your account's assets, which can affect the costs from your side:

    • You'll pay Amazon or Google directly for the S3 storage and bandwidth in addition to your Cloudinary plan.
    • You lose Cloudinary's multi-region backup and disaster-recovery features, and will have to manage secondary backups and failover yourself, which may double your storage requirement (or more).
    • The directory structure used by our service is proprietary and it may change without notice as we add features or change how our backend uses storage buckets, which means using the files from that bucket in another system is not trivial and can't be supported from our side

    If you have an enterprise plan and would like to set up a new sub-account that uses your own S3 as primary storage, please contact us directly and we'll explain the process in more detail.
    If you need to migrate existing assets, the basic process is that you copy everything to the new sub-account, update your delivery URLs, then delete the old sub-account - if you're in the process of upgrading from Pro, please ask our sales team for more information



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