I've replaced an existing image with a new one, but my website stills shows the old one. Why is that?

Cloudinary delivers images and transformed images through a fast content delivery network which caches images for increased performance. This means that accessing a new image at the same exact URL of the image it replaced, might return the previous version of the image.

When you upload an image to Cloudinary without specifying a public ID, a new random ID is automatically generated for that image. It's URL will be unique and you will always get the latest version.

If you do specify a public ID, you will need to add the 'version' parameter to the image's URL to force the new image to show. When you use our upload API, the upload result will contain the 'version' value and a URL with the version part already included.

Alternatively, you can ask to invalidate the caching of the older version of the image.

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