What is the uploaded image name composed of?

The first part of the image name is the version of the image. The version is used to make sure that if you override an image, the URL will still change, which will make sure that the newest image is returned from the CDN and not its cached version.

The second part is the public_id (the file name), you don't need to save the actual extension though, whatever extension you'll apply later on, Cloudinary will automatically transform the image to that extension.
Both parameters, public_id and version should be stored in the DB.

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    We used to be able to name the end of the URL when uploading a new file, but now we can't. It is causing problems for us. We are trying to find a work around, but it will require more development. Sucks!

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    Just got a quick response from a support ticket:

    "You can click on More upload options... in the Upload Images panel and fill the*Pubic ID* input field before uploading an image."

    We are glad the functionality isn't gone! :)

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