What type of image and video formats do you support?




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    David Wood

    So... here:


    The documents say Cloudinary also supports SVG and WebP - but that page makes no mention of JP2 and JPC.

    Which one is right?

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    Itay Taragano

    We actually support all of the above :)

    • We support  WebP, and also  JPEG-XR (which wasn't mentioned in neither). Both are now added to the article above.
    • SVGs can be converted to any other image format. Currently generating an SVG from an image isn't supported.
    • We have basic support of JP2 and JPC.
    • In addition, we support generating Animated GIFs to MP4 and WebM.

    Thank you for pointing that out, we'll make sure to update our docs.

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    David Wood

    Thanks Itay! :)

    I had not come across the ability to provide the f_auto flag within the URL to get either JPEG-XR and WebP depending on the browser. That's very easy to add and a great feature!

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