What type of image, video, and audio formats do you support?




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    David Wood

    So... here:


    The documents say Cloudinary also supports SVG and WebP - but that page makes no mention of JP2 and JPC.

    Which one is right?

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    Itay Taragano

    We actually support all of the above :)

    • We support  WebP, and also  JPEG-XR (which wasn't mentioned in neither). Both are now added to the article above.
    • SVGs can be converted to any other image format. Currently generating an SVG from an image isn't supported.
    • We have basic support of JP2 and JPC.
    • In addition, we support generating Animated GIFs to MP4 and WebM.

    Thank you for pointing that out, we'll make sure to update our docs.

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    David Wood

    Thanks Itay! :)

    I had not come across the ability to provide the f_auto flag within the URL to get either JPEG-XR and WebP depending on the browser. That's very easy to add and a great feature!

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    It would be helpful to differentiate what formats cloudinary supports for fetching images and what formats it allows to be uploaded.  I could not find the latter here nor in the linked page.

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    Marissa Masangcay

    Hi Staging,

    All image formats that we support for uploading are also supported for fetching. However please note that fetching is only supported for images and not videos or raw files.

    Hope this helps!

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