Does Cloudinary optimize or 'smush' images?

Images uploaded to Cloudinary are stored in the cloud as-is unless an incoming transformation is applied while uploading. 
Any transformed image generated and delivered by Cloudinary is optimized ('smushed'). Cloudinary applies lossless optimization algorithms to reduce the file size of generated JPG and PNG images. 
In addition, Cloudinary removes extra metadata from images to reduce their size further.

When delivering JPG images, you can also reduce the quality of the image to reach a smaller file by setting the quality transformation parameter (e.g., q_50 for transformation URLs).

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    joyce cerroni

    'Great that Cloudinary does all that.  Avoids having to go different places and use different programs to accomplish the goal.   Thanks. 

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    Valentin Nedkov

    Great feature indeed!

    However I have a weird business requirement that the image has to be untouched, only it's metadata removed. Is there a way to stop or circumvent the smushing only in certain cases?

    When I opened the original and the optimized images side by side there were  small (hardly noticable) glitches on the shadings and objects' edges. While this isn't a great issue for me, from bussiness standpoint it seems to be one.

    Any help will be much appreciated!


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    Itay Taragano

    Hi Valentin,

    You can always set the JPG quality to 100 (default is 90), or use a lossless format (e.g., PNG).

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