Does Cloudinary optimize or 'smush' images?




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    joyce cerroni

    'Great that Cloudinary does all that.  Avoids having to go different places and use different programs to accomplish the goal.   Thanks. 

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    Valentin Nedkov

    Great feature indeed!

    However I have a weird business requirement that the image has to be untouched, only it's metadata removed. Is there a way to stop or circumvent the smushing only in certain cases?

    When I opened the original and the optimized images side by side there were  small (hardly noticable) glitches on the shadings and objects' edges. While this isn't a great issue for me, from bussiness standpoint it seems to be one.

    Any help will be much appreciated!


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    Itay Taragano

    Hi Valentin,

    You can always set the JPG quality to 100 (default is 90), or use a lossless format (e.g., PNG).

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