How can I bulk upload my images?




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    Hi Orly !

    I'm using Node.js , How can I Upload all the images in a folder??

    I'm in a project where the client should be able to dump all the images inside a folder


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    Nadav Ofir

    When uploading directly from the browser, you can set the 'multiple' attribute and allow drag & drop of multiple files. On the other hand server-side upload API requires uploading one file at the time.
    Feel free to open a support ticket and share more information regarding your specific use-case so we can advise further.

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    Danen Carlson

    Is it possible to add Azure Blobs or Storage accounts the say way S3 works?

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    Maor Gariv


    It's on our road map to support other sources for our auto upload feature.
    In the meantime, it's possible to auto upload from any publicly available remote location (i.e., http/https).

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    Hagen Rode

    Hi guys

    This seems a bit like a hole in your otherwise outstanding and unique offering. Your clients might have directories with a LOT of images. I have found that the initial bulk uploading is exceptionally painful. 

    Ideally one could drag and drop a tgz or zip file into Cloudinary, which then extracts and stores the images. Doesn't seem too hard to do? Accept .tgz and zip files which get extracted? 

    Secondly, your API should ideally also accept tgz / zip files to extract and store. 



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    Yakir Perlin

    Hi Rode,

    Thank you for this suggestion, I will open a feature request on your behalf.




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