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Can I upload images from remote URLs that are behind a Proxy server?



  • Uche

    Hello Itay, I'm making this call via postmaster with an API running on vscode. Where do I set the parameter mentioned above?

  • Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi Uche,

    The 'proxy' can be set in the upload API call alongside any other parameters you are passing like 'public_id' or 'folder'. However, it's important to note that any value you pass in the 'proxy' field won't be used by default. This is because for security reasons Cloudinary has to whitelist the proxy before it can be used. This process is currently available for our paid plans. I will add a note on our side to update this article to reflect this.

    In your case, it could be that you don't actually need to use this parameter and there is a better way around the issue you are seeing.

    In order to help with this, may I please ask you for more details on your workflow, such as -

    • Are you currently uploading images in your account via a remote URL?
    • Are these remote URLs accessible publicly or do they indeed need to be accessed via a specific proxy?
    • Could you please share an example upload API call you are performing with the parameters you are passing?
    • Share with us any errors you are seeing

    If you would like, you can share these details here, or alternatively, you can submit a ticket with us directly by going to -


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