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Uploading assets and keeping their original filenames



  • cuma elp

    i think it not really keep the file name as it's current name** if** it has more period(s) other than it's file extension. I've test it today, the period will changed into underscore.

    for example :>** image_name**.png

    is there any solution to keep it as it is? it's real name with period(s) in it.

  • Nadav Ofir

    In Cloudinary we, indeed, replace periods with underscores as part of our naming conventions. Although, you can by-pass it by either explicitly supply the public_id, e.g., (in rails):

    Cloudinary::Uploader.upload(" my.image.jpg", :public_id => "my.image")

    Or, post-upload, rename the image using the Media-Library or the API, e.g., (in rails):


  • cuma elp

    oh i see. so i supposed to specifically fill in the public_id with image file name

  • Nadav Ofir

    Did it work for you?

    If there is any thing else we can assist you with, please feel free to open a ticket:


  • Itay Taragano


    The system was just updated to support dot-included filenames, so use_filename will not replace dots with underscores.

  • ankit parsana


    I am trying to upload the file keeping the original filename. Please check what I am doing wrong.

    echo cl_image_upload_tag('test', array("tags" => "direct_photo_album", "callback" => $cors_location, "html" => array("multiple" => true),"folder" => "my_folder","unique_filename" => false));

  • Itay Taragano

    I couldn't find the use_filename parameter in the code you shared.

    Please try the following and let me know if this works for you:

    echo cl_image_upload_tag('test', array("tags" => "direct_photo_album", "callback" => $cors_location, "html" => array("multiple" => true),"folder" => "my_folder","use_filename" => TRUE, "unique_filename" => FALSE));

  • Mirta Arambulo

    Hi Itay

    I am using this in my view on RoR
    <%= f.attachinary_file_field :file, as: :attachinary, cloudinary: {use_filename: true, unique_filename: false} %>

    but it doesn't work. It is always changing the document name. Could you help me please?

  • Mirta Arambulo

    For some reason the underscore characters are deleted from my comment.

    this is how i have

  • Maor Gariv


    Sorry for the very late reply, we have noticed that this request was left unattended. I see that your issue was handled through a support ticket with Itay:)

  • Luciano Montezzo

    Hi there, I have the same problem as Mirta reported...

    If you guys gave her the solution, could you please also answer it in here to help other people?



  • Yakir Perlin

    Hi Luciano, 

    Please try to reach us at




  • Torsten Peters



    new here.

    I havent found how to change the upload preset for image uploads from my computer, in order to keep the file names unchanged.

    "You can also specify those options in an Upload Preset, including an upload preset which will be used when you upload files using our Upload Widget or our Media Library interface. For an example of this, please see our Upload Preset Configuration article."

    (That article is now a video created 8 months ago and does not deal with that anymore, I believe

    Where/how do I have to add use_filename: true

  • Tamara Yulevich

    Hi Torsten,

    To change this value in your Upload Preset go to your settings (at the top right) => Click on Upload => Click on "edit" in the desired upload preset => Click on the toggle button in "Use filename or externally defined Public ID" to make it "true".

    If you have any more questions please let us know.



  • Hoopersclub

    Hi, I've turned "Use filename or externally defined Public ID" to "On", and "Unique Filename" to "Off" but I'm still getting a random filename when I upload via AppSmith.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  • Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi @Hoopersclub,

    May I please ask you to share a public_id of an asset that you've uploaded which has the random characters appended at the end? We can check the logs on our side and confirm what lead to this.

  • Hoopersclub

    Hi @aleksandar, thanks for helping out. With some debugging on AppSmith end I figured out that for unsigned upload presets I had to pass public_id inside the parameters. I hadn't figured it out prior to this. Thanks anyway. Working ok! 

  • Aleksandar Kostadinov

    Hi @Hoopersclub - no worries at all - glad you resolved that!

  • Manzoni Fausto

    what is the correct regular expression to apply to a string to obtain the exact public_id, using use_filename?

    I need to check if a file already exsists, but I need to know the final format of public_id.

    ex: "this is (my file) name.mp3" => "this_is_my_file_name.mp3"

  • Sreenath Kalahasti

    Hi @ManzoniFausto,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    At the time of upload:
    If you have set public_id value, then your public_id will have the value you set in this field. Please check the documentation for more information: Upload API
    If you have set use_filename as true and unique_filename as false, then your public_id will be the same as file name.
    If you have set use_filename as true and unique_filename as true, then your public_id will have random characters at the end of it.
    If you have set use_filename as false and unique_filename as true, then your public_id will have random characters.
    If you have set use_filename as false and unique_filename as false, then your public_id will have random characters.

    Please refer to our Search API documentation in order for you to search by specifying the public_id based on the above conditions(whichever you chose to upload the file).

    Alternatively, you can use our Admin API GetResources API call to fetch the list of public_ids in your case and figure out the pattern.

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,

  • Ankur Mehta


    When I upload an image using Cloudinary's v2.uploader.upload_stream({use_filename: true}), it saves the file with the field name instead of the filename.

  • Danny Valentine

    Hey Ankur.

    As the upload is consuming a stream, the filename gets lost. What I would recommend is retrieving the filename at some point earlier in the code and passing it as the public_id parameter when using upload_stream().

    I hope this helps, but if you have any further queries, the best thing to do would be to raise a support ticket with us.

    All the best,

  • Joshua Kusaasira

    When I apply and add options i.e. setting the public_id, the secure_url I receive only returns a dot of an image and also shows apect ratio of 1x1. Kindly help!

  • Tia Esguerra

    Hi Joshua, 

    As Danny mentioned, it would be better at this point if you could open a support ticket with us. Please share your cloud name and your code, so that we can take a look and help you to debug the issue. 

    Kind regards, 



    hi, i used cloudinary generated public_id for uniqueness, and there is this setting that in my impression would keep the original file name somewhere in the metadata or else, but i don't see the data when i pull the media detail from cloudinary, is this the intended behavior? when do this setting applied (as in what condition that this setting works)?

  • Wissam Khalili

    Hi Toh Xue Zun,

    Cloudinary assigns a randomly generated unique public ID to each uploaded media asset. Alternatively, you can either define your own custom public ID or one based on the original file name of the uploaded image. If you upload an image with a public ID that already exists, the file will be overwritten.

    To keep the original filename of the file you uploaded, you can set the use_filename parameter to true and Cloudinary will use the file name of the uploaded image for the public ID. The file name is normalized and random characters are appended to ensure uniqueness. To skip adding random characters that ensure uniqueness, you can additionally specify the unique_filename parameter as false .

    The “Discard original file name” setting does not store the original file name in the metadata. Instead, whether to discard the name of the original uploaded file. Relevant when delivering assets as attachments (setting the flag transformation parameter to attachment ). Default: false.
    For example, in the below link, I have added `fl_attachment` in order to download the asset, but the asset is downloaded with a random name.
    I hope it makes sense.
    Please let me know if you have additional questions.

    Thanks, Wissam


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