Can I upload large raw (non-images) files?

Cloudinary's default size limit for files uploading is 10MB for our Free plan and 20MB for our Basic plan onward (for both images and raw files).

If you require uploading larger files (paid plans only) you can click on "Raise maximum file size allowed" on the right side of your Settings page.
Then, for files up to 100MB, you can use the same uploading API. For example in Ruby:

Cloudinary::Uploader.upload("sample_spreadsheet.xls", :resource_type => :raw)

If you require having even larger files stored in your account (non-images files only, up to 2GB), please contact us.
Then, for raw files larger than 100MB you should use the upload_large API.
For example in Ruby:

Cloudinary::Uploader.upload_large(file, public_id, options={})

You should verify that you use the latest version of your client library.

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