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Can I create folders in my Cloudinary account?



  • Eric Hochberger

    I'm actually looking to do a similar thing.  Is there an ETA on folders?  What separators are supporting in the public ID because / is not and that would of course solve this issue..

  • Nadav Soferman

    Hi Eric,

    There is no ETA yet. We will update you when we have more details.

    You can use any standard separator (not slash...) to match your naming convention. 

    You can use a colon ':' as a separator. This character is not common in entity names and file names. For example: 'gallery:actors:john_doe'.



    UPDATE: Cloudinary supports folders as described in the updated article above. 

  • Sendy Yagambrum

    I need to upload multiple files in a folder structure while preserving their names. How do you do that? it seems you can only create a folder through public_id, i've been using jquery plugin to do that, with the input file tag, if i use 'public_id' in the data-form-data field, it uploads only one file

  • Itay Taragano

    Hi Sendy,

    Currently it's needed to upload the files one-by-one. We're working on a solution for bulk uploads. This will allow specifying a folder name and allow "use filename" in parallel.

  • Erik Nesse


    Would it be possible to request a REST service in the Admin API that returns the complete folder structure for an account? I need something along those lines as I am writing a Cloudinary plugin module for a large CMS, and the end user must be able to sort through their image library by conventional means (i.e. folders).

  • Itay Taragano

    Hi Erik,

    Getting folder structure using our API is currently not supported. You can use the Admin API to search images by prefix that include the folder name. In addition, you can assign tags and then search images by tags.

  • Beachbody Administrator

    Does your web based Media Library interface support folders and if so, how?

  • Itay Taragano

    The public ID can contain folders, you can specify the desired public ID (e.g., "multiple/folders/sample") while uploading.

    Public IDs can be specified in the Media library by clicking the "More upload options".

  • Fred Ngo

    Is it possible to add folders when using Cloudinary::CarrierWave?

  • Fred Ngo

    After chatting with cloudinary support, I can report that with the Cloudinary::CarrierWave plugin, you just do something like:

    classPictureUploader** < *CarrierWave::Uploader::Base*      **

      include **Cloudinary*::CarrierWave*


      **def ***public_id*

        **return**** "*folder1/folder2/" + model.short_name*

      **end****  **


  • Richard Latman

    Can you create a folder though the php API or a direct post? I need to allow my users to create folders regardless of any images in it.

    Can I add a custom function in php to do a  return $this->call_api("post", array("folders"), array(), $options);



  • Itay Taragano

    While empty folders can be created via the Admin Console, currently the API doesn't support creating empty folders.

    Folders are automatically created when uploading a new file. Either by including the folder as part of the  public_id :

    \Cloudinary\Uploader::upload('my_image.jpg', array("public_id" => "my_folder/my_name"));

    Or, by using the  folder  parameter:

    \Cloudinary\Uploader::upload('my_image.jpg', array("public_id" => "my_name", "folder" => "my_folder"));

  • Abhishek Raj Mohan Verma


    I had used following code

    \Cloudinary\Uploader::upload(' Testimage.jpg', array("public_id" => "Abcd/Testimage"));

    as well as   folder  parameter:

    \Cloudinary\Uploader::upload(' Testimage.jpg', array("public_id" => "Testimage", "folder" => "Abcd"));

     but i get image name as : ** Abcd/Testimage.jpg**

    and Url :

    there is no folder name "Abcd" in Media Library

  • juan boly

    Hi, i'm using wordpress, and I want to change my uploads folder to a folder in cloudinary. I've tried with a plugin without success. Could you tell me if it is possible? and how? thanks in advance, juan

  • Nadav Ofir

    Hi Abhishek,

    You can enable folder's auto-creation inside the console (settings > upload > Auto-create folders)

    Please note that this change will only affect new uploads.

  • Nadav Ofir

    Hi Juan,

    There are several ways to upload images to cloudinary's account using Wordpress.

    You can either directly upload it by using the Cloudinary Upload/Insert link inside [Posts > Edit post]

    Or by first, uploading the images to the Wordpress media library and then migrate it to your cloudinary's account as described here:

    If this doesn't solve your use-case please don't hesitate opening a support ticket:


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