How can I bulk delete all my account's resources?




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    achal bi


    I am using rails app and i have executed the below command to delete all my images. 



    Even after deleting all images from my console I can still access these images through the previous URL. Though i cant see my uploaded images in Media library I dont see any changes in my storage size. Please help me on this.

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    Itay Taragano

    While the images were successfully deleted from your account, they're still cached in the CDN.

    For more information:

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    pik look

    so how about videos ?

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    Roee Ben Ari

    When deleting either videos or raw files, a resource_type should be set as well. For example (in Rails):

    Cloudinary::Api.delete_all_resources(:resource_type => :video)
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    Max Hodges

    move the UPDATE right to the top of this article!

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