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    Jim Klymus

    "Exporting such a list requires using the Admin-API. It's on our roadmap to add UI support for this task as well." <Post from 5 years ago>

    Is there a reason that after 5 years a customer would still have to use cumbersome and time consuming coding and API calls just to get a list of file names in their repositories?! What if they don't have easy access to coding experts or resources? If this can be done through an API, why can't Clouldinary simply embed that API call (or calls) into a simple user interface function that then export to a .csv or .xls file?

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    Stephen Doyle

    Hi Jim,

    In general our core service is optimized for bulk or automated operations that are often performed by developers of a website or application, and our Media Library UI is optimized for user-facing asset management workflows which typically operate on relatively small number of assets for each operation (indeed, usually individual assets).

    Though the Media Library UI doesn't support exporting a list of your account's assets, we expect that this may be added in the future but as you've said, this hasn't yet been prioritized over other features, so there's no ETA we can provide.

    In the meantime, if you don't have the resources available to use the API directly, we recommend that you use our CLI tool on your computer to create a list using our search API and saving the results in CSV format - (see the 'search' option, with the "--csv" parameter): 


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