How to delete an image from the client-side?




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    I can't get the delete_token! :'(

    I upload the image this way :

    $scope.uploadImages = function() {
    var folder = '/va/bikes/'+$;
    folder: folder,
    cloud_name: 'www-despertaweb-cat',
    upload_preset: 'bikes_preset',
    theme: 'minimal',
    thumbnails: 'img-responsive',
    return_delete_token: true
    function(error, result) {
    console.log('\n\n Result', result);
    for(var i in result){


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    Nadav Ofir

    Hi, it seems that you didn't set the "Return delete token" field to True on your "bikes_preset" upload preset. Could you please verify that?

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    Bryan Byrne

    In case it's useful to a future reader, I was personally finding it difficult to find the API endpoint that would allow me to delete using a delete_token, I found it helpful to reference this code in cloudinary jquery library,

    In the end it's a POST to '' + cloud_name + '/delete_by_token', with parameters of `public_id` and `token`.

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