Does Cloudinary support converting SVG images to other formats?

Cloudinary supports the SVG format.

SVG images are automatically converted to a standard image format (e.g., PNG, JPG, etc.) during the upload process, 

You should specify the image format via an incoming transformation,

Here's an example in Ruby of uploading an SVG file while converting to a PNG file before storing in the cloud:

Cloudinary::Uploader.upload("Feed-icon.svg", :public_id => "svg_sample", :format => "png") 

Below is the SVG image after it was uploaded to Cloudinary:


Now you can transform it to match your graphic design, for example:,e_hue:40/svg_sample.png


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    Gerard Finnerty

    This isn't really an acceptable solution (it was maybe a few years ago though).

    SVG assets should not be blindly converted on upload. SVG assets should be used as the actual asset whenever possible with png support for browsers that don't support it or mobile apps.

    The idea that I can upload an svg then never see that svg format again is wrong.

    I wish this comment read "Its great you guys support svg, but how about letting us build a font/icon set from the svgs"

    Anyways, time to see if any of your competition supports svg hosting the right way.

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    Itay Taragano

    We now support uploading SVG files as-is and then manipulating dynamically to any image format and other Cloudinary transformations (e.g., resize and convert to PNG). However, we don't yet fully support applying image manipulations and delivering the result as SVG images (e.g., resizing an uploaded SVG image). Specifying the format (e.g., JPG/PNG/etc) is required in this case (but delivering the original SVG is supported). 

    It is in our road-map to support delivering manipulated images as SVG images as well.

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