Can I create text overlays in Japanese?

Yes. You can create text layers in Japanese using Cloudinary's image transformations.

For example, the following Ruby command was run in order to create a text style named jp_takao based on the TakaoExGothic font:

Cloudinary::Uploader.text("JP Takao Sample", :font_family => "TakaoExGothic", :font_size => 28, :font_color => "#222222", :public_id => "jp_takao")

Now this style can be used for generating a text layer in Japanese. For example:,g_south_west,y_10,x_10/brown_sheep.jpg



The following font families are currently available: TakaoExGothic, TakaoExMincho, TakaoGothic, TakaoMincho, TakaoPGothic, TakaoPMincho.



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