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How can I update a named transformation?



  • Daniel Yates

    Could we get examples in other languages?

    this doesn't seem to work:


    cloudinary.api.update_transformation('name_transformation', unsafe_update={'format':'jpg'})

  • Marcos

    Hi guys - clearly this demonstrates room for improvement!

    To be honest, I was always under the impression, I could save a named transformation, use the named transformation in the URL for images used for instance on a Android APP, then if required, I could just edit it in the Cloudinary Management Console > Media Transformations to make changes, modifications or updates, and see those changes come through the next time the image is requested.

    This is a bit of a repeat of above... But for example, we create a named transformation using 100% quality and use it in the APP. After launching the APP we decide images for the APP need to be displayed at 50% quality instead. Instead of having to dev/update the APP and release an update, notify customers, etc etc, how wonderful would it be to just be able to edit the named transformation settings (which are there to be used) in the Cloudinary Management Console > Media Transformations, and see the changes come through live?!


  • Marcos

    Having the "Invalidate - True" option in the Named Transformation settings, would probably help no?

  • Millie Axelrod

    Hi Marcos,

    Thank you very much for providing this feedback!

    The current limit of 1000 images when updating a named transformation is to:

    1. Avoid creating unnecessary transformations affecting the account quota. So, for example, should you have a named transformation associated with 5,000 images, 5,000 new transformations will be created on your account. 
    2. Ensuring that this async operation is transparent and runs smoothly, making the derived resources available immediately to your end users.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


  • Marcos

    Hi Mille - but what if the new transformations are necessary, such as a adding a new watermark to all images? If we created a new transformation to cover this, we would end up affecting the quote anyway, in addition having to edit/dev/release the APP. Regarding the account quota, well that really should only be an issue if it's not clear to the user, and if they do not have enough credits (in our case we are are conscious would have enough), and this would also be the case when making the derived images resources available immediately, where we would obviously expect an initial slight delay loading new images the first time.

    Nevertheless, I still think having the option to purge all previous transformations for an edited named transformation, would cover the points above. 

  • Daniel Mendoza


    I definitely agree, it's something that can be improved.

    In the meantime, if you do update the named transformation, I can gather a list of assets that use that named transformations and invalidate those assets specifically. If you want, you can open a ticket internally with us and we can discuss it further.

  • Marcos

    Great - I will keep that in mind when we do require any changes to named transformations.

    Looking forward to seeing this improved functionality for the user.


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