Can I generate an image from an animated GIF's single frame?

Yes, you can set the page parameter (pg in URLs) to generate a still image of the specified frame.
For example, here's an animation:

And here's how to generate a still image of the first frame:

Here's a code example in Rails:

cl_image_tag("cloudinary_animation.gif", :page => 1)
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    Is it also possible to generate a static GIF from a video?
    Using the page parameter does not seem to work

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    Ido Bar-Noam

    Hi Feeligo,

    In order to create a static GIF you can use the "video sampling" flag and have it sample only one frame instead of several. So for example, the below image wouls sample only on frame from the dog video, and have it delivered as a gif, so you would have a static gif:

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    Super, thanks a lot.

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