Can I add a colored box overlay?

You can upload to your account any 1x1 solid colored image, for example this 1x1 grey square (you're more than welcomed to upload that one to your account):

Then, apply this image as an overlay while setting it by your required dimensions. 
For example, overlaying the 'one_pixel' image, stretching it to 60x60 pixels on top of the "face_left" image:,w_60,h_60/face_left.jpg

In addition, you can colorize the square to any other color, as explained here. For example:,w_60,h_60,e_colorize,co_red/face_left.jpg

You can even ask the overlay to be automatically placed on top of a detected face:,w_60,h_60,e_colorize,co_red,g_face/face_left.jpg

And finally, opacity is supported too:,w_60,h_60,e_colorize,co_red,g_face,o_50/face_left.jpg

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