Does Cloudinary support clipping paths images?

Cloudinary supports clipping paths JPG images based only on a specific selected clipping paths.

You'll need to create the PhotoShop files with multiple paths in a certain consistent order. Then the JPG images uploaded to Cloudinary will have multiple clipping paths in this order. 
Then you can set the flags parameter to clip (fl_clip in URLs) alongside with the page parameter set to the required path,
e.g.,"page" => 1"page" => 2 (pg_1pg_2 in URLs) and so on, for selecting a specific clipping path rather than the first one.

For example, the URLs should look similar to the following:<my_cloud_name>/image/upload/fl_clip,pg_1/my_image.jpg<my_cloud_name>/image/upload/fl_clip,pg_2/my_image.jpg

The Admin API can return the image's number of clipping paths. For more information:

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