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How to Add a Text Overlay?



  • Raj Subramanian

    This is super helpful. Is there a way to do add a images and a text one below the other? So, an image, then some text and then another image below it and so on?

  • Itay Taragano

    Hi Raj,

    Were you referring to something similar to the following?:,y_-25,g_south/l_sample,g_south,w_200,y_-140/sample.jpg

    If so, you can have a look at the following for more information about text custom positioning:

  • Frankie Kam

    For the web browser URL code to enable overlay text that use Google Fonts with text outline or text shadow, go here:
    Hope this helps!

  • Siphiwe

    Hi there. In the angular 2 api, is it possible to add the overlay text dynamically? I tried with interpolation (as per code snippet below) but I get "Unhandled Promise rejection: Template parse errors: Can't bind to 'overlay' since it isn't a known property of 'cl-transformation'."

    This is what generates the error:

    `<cl-transformation overlay = "text:Verdana_75_bold_underline_letter_spacing_14:'{{myText}}'"></cl-transformation>`

  • Roee Ben Ari

    Hi @Siphiwe. Please use attribute binding, such as: 

    <cl-transformation attr.overlay="text:Verdana_75_bold_underline_letter_spacing_14:{{myText}}"></cl-transformation> 

    See example here -

  • Siphiwe

    Thank you @Roee. That sorted me out

  • Co.tribute Cloudinary

    Hi Friends!

    Is it possible to do an image overlay, then text on top of that overlay?  Would we simply have to order the transformations to match the layer order we'd like to use?



  • Daniel Mendoza

    Hi @Co.tribute Cloudinary

    You are correct, the order in the transformation would need to match the layer order.

    I have included an example that adds an image overlay, followed by a text overlay:!,co_red/sample.jpg

  • Co.tribute Cloudinary

    Thanks @Daniel!  

    Quick follow-up: can you dynamically change the font size to fit a container?  E.g. 50 characters = 12pt font, 100 characters = 6pt font?

    If so, please direct us where to submit all hugs and boxes of chocolates. 

  • Daniel Mendoza

    Hi @Co.tribute Cloudinary,

    I apologize for the late response.

    There currently isn't a way to dynamically resize the font to fit in a container; however, this could effect could be achieved through a different way. The possible solution would be to create a text overlay that has a large font and then resize the text to fit in the container. This approach has some limitations like having to know the width and height of the image and adjusting the font size.

    Here is an example:,h_500,w_800/sample.jpg

    Note, you'll need to use URL encoding's to create a newline (%0A).


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