How to add a slash ('/') character (or any other special characters) in text overlays?

The slash character collides with Cloudinary's functionality, as specifically slashes in Cloudinary URLs are used for separating between different chained transformations (e.g., w_100/r_20).

So if the regular slash (or even its %2F escaped version) is used, Cloudinary will think that the next chained transformation is entered rather than the rest of the text string.
Therefore, you can either double escape the slash character (e.g., %252F):,o_30/

Alternatively, you can use a special encoding of a different type of the slash character (%E2%88%95):,o_30/

Generally it would be a good practice to double-escape the entire overlaid text, e.g.:,o_30/l_text:arial_30:%252C%2520-%2520comma%250A%2520%253F%2520-%2520question%2520mark%250A%2520%252F%2520%255C%2520-%2520both%2520slashes%250A%2523%2520-%2520hash./couple.jpg

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