If I use the same cloud name for both development and production environments, won't I override my production images with my development images?

By default, Cloudinary assigns randomly generated public IDs to your images. This prevents conflicts between your dev and production images. It also allows you to view the production images from your development environment (no need to sync assets between accounts).

If you use your own public IDs, you can add a 'dev_' prefix to public IDs of images uploaded in your development environment.

As well, you can open an additional free account and define different settings for each environment in your configuration (e.g., cloudinary.yml in Ruby).

Regardless, we are working on adding support for multiple 'clouds' per account and allowing for even simpler separation between development and production assets.

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    John Feustel

    Orly, any update on the multiple clouds per account. We'd love to setup a _dev cloud under our same account.


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    Indrek Rajamets


    I would also like to see the multiple clouds feature (or at least multiple API keys with access limits). The current proposed solution is not a good one because it does leave your development environment with the same all mighty API key as production is using. This means if you by accident execute broken code in your development server, you can whipe out all the production data, because the API key in development has no restrictions on that side and is fully capable of doing that. Remember that API key can also use the Admin API, which can do everything with the images.

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    Roee Ben-Ari

    Multiple 'clouds' per account is supported for our Advanced Extra plans and higher. For more information: http://support.cloudinary.com/hc/en-us/articles/202521602-Can-I-use-multiple-clouds-on-a-single-account-

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