Can I use multiple ‘clouds’ (sub-accounts) on a single account?

Cloudinary supports having multiple 'clouds' united under a joint subscription (Cloudinary account). This feature is currently available only for Advanced Extra plans or higher, allowing for an even simpler separation between development and production assets or other methodological criteria.

If you are on the Advanced Extra plan or higher, then this feature is already available for you as self service, via the account settings page.

Tips for generating new sub-accounts:

  • Select your desired cloud-name (or one will be randomly picked for you)
  • Optionally choose a name for the sub-account (this name will only be used within the console)
  • Optionally select an existing sub-account to be used as reference for setting limits and other custom configurations.

A few alternative solutions (for lower-tier plans) are:

  • Opening a new account for each environment (dev, staging, production) or each application.
  • Naming convention of public IDs (or folders) to reflect the different environments.
  • Assigning different tags to uploaded images. Use 'tags' to uploaded images (‘dev’,‘staging’, ‘production’).
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    if you are using Heroku, 

    Add cloudinary on the production server only, 

    staging server don't need to add it 

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