How can I update the payment method of a PayPal account with an existing subscription to Cloudinary?

In order to change the payment method (e.g. credit card) for a subscription to Cloudinary using a PayPal recurring payment:

Login to your PayPal account:
Click on the Profile option of My Account menu and select My preapproved payments from the Financial Information list.
Then select Cloudinary from the list of payments, update the Funding Source and click Update Information.

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    Jeremy Redburn

    This doesn't appear as an option for me. I can update the backup payment method, but not the primary one.

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    Stitch Fix

    These instructions aren't accurate in terms of navigation, at least on the US verison of PayPal.  Correct instructions as of this writing are:

    • Click Profile
    • Click "My Money"
    • Click "Update" next to "My Preapproved Payments"
    • Click "Cloudinary"
    • Make whatever changes are needed
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    wiki pedals

    you need to update this 

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