Can I have multiple users/roles for my account?




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    Chris Noden

    Why do you restrict core functionality to higher tier accounts? It makes sense to have tiers based on usage (bandwidth, storage, transformations, etc). But to make small businesses have to share their one and only password with their developers is bad practice and serves no commercial purpose.

    Please consider allowing small businesses to have multiple users.

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    Ido Barnoam

    Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it. 

    We enable the vast majority of the platform's functionality in any plan, including a free tier. We do have features that vary in complexity, and some of the features that consume more resources or generate more management overhead are enabled for higher tiers.

    User-roles, which is one of these features, usually becomes relevant when the use of Cloudinary is more profound and with larger teams, which is why the Advanced tier is required.

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    Chris Noden

    Hi Ido

    Thank you for the response to my comment. Unfortunately, the "you're not big enough to want this" argument is clearly not true in at least one case.

    As I mentioned, this practice is encouraging startups to share their admin and billing information with their contractors and staff.

    I would ask that you at least revisit the justification for this decision.

    Thank you again.


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    Ido Barnoam

    Hi Chris.

    Thank you for pointing this out.

    I would take the feedback internally and would take it into consideration.




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    Christopher Prince

    Hi-- Can you have user role(s) that are read-only in terms of the media library? For our production Cloudinary account, we'd like to allow people to view images but not delete or otherwise change.




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    Raya Straus

    Hi Christopher,

    We currently don't have such a user role. That being said, we have opened a feature request on your behalf and will update you if this is added in the future. 

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