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Is the free plan limited in time?



  • Alan Roy

    We may go over the limit this month on the free plan (steps have been taken so that it doesn't happen again). If we upgrade to the paid plan, can we downgrade back to the free plan once we have our usage under control?


  • Marissa Masangcay

    Hi Alan,

    Yes, so long as you're below the Pro plan you can upgrade and downgrade at your own discretion. Please just note that in order to downgrade your account you'll need to be within the limitations of the desired plan and if not you won't have the option to downgrade until you're within that plans limits.

    Hope this helps!

  • Ulisses Constantini

    Can i buy some extra credits? 99 dolars for Brazilian real is a large step for us ( U$99 * R$ 5.7) = R$ 564

  • Yael Mordoch

    Hi Ulisses, 

    Can you please open a support ticket through the following link so that we could take a closer look into your account and check?




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