How does Cloudinary count my plan's quotas and what does every quota mean?




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    Tilman Linden

    A couple of additional questions regarding...

    "Monthly Transformations - Number of all newly processed assets including original uploads and derivatives."

    My account is showing 2176 image resources and 949 derived images. The number of transformations is 6281 though. No image has been deleted from this account ever. How do these numbers relate to each other? What do the transformations count other than the derived images? If the same transformation is requested twice for the same original image, does this count as 2 transformations?

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    Nadav Ofir

    A unique transformation will be counted only once, regardless the number of visits it gets. However, there are several factors that can affect your Transformations count.
    For example re-uploading (overwriting) the same resource again and again may result with an unexpected Transformation usage.
    More information here:

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    Hello Nadav.... I have a question.....
    I didn´t make transformation on Cloudinary, but I did on the url´s....
    for example, I just upload an image (High Res) but then, I just access to the image with .../q_60,w_700,f,auto/.....
    So,How many transformation coludinary counts with this method?

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    Nadav Ofir

    A "Transformation" credit is counted for every newly processed image.
    The mentioned transformation ( .../q_60,w_700,f,auto/..... ) will cost up to 4 times for every original image it's applied to, since 4 different formats can result out of it (WEBP, AWEBP, JPEG-XR & fallback).

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    How to increase total Images & Videos quotas ?

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    Ido Barnoam

    You could increase the "total images & video" quota, together with the bandwidth and storage quotas, by following us on twitter, liking us on Facebook, and spreading the word about Cloudinary!

    You can read more about that here:

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    Mas Poco Vendo


    How the bandwidth used to view/download an image of, for example 1MB size, is calculated?

    We need to obtain an average in order to estimate the necessary plan.


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    Yakir Perlin


    We count every viewed/downloaded resource according to the resource size.

    You will only be charged a flat fee according to the size (in bytes) of the resource.

    So if your image size is about 1MB this will be the bandwidth we count for each request. 

    Do note to add transformations to your resources, in order to reduce the image size.

    If you need help with that, please contact us at




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    David Baldie

    I'm not sure I follow the `f_auto` answer.

    If I have ``

    does the `f_auto` parameter = 1 transformation the first time the image is requested that month?

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    Daniel Mendoza

    @David Baldie

    f_auto tells Cloudinary to generate a different image format depending on the end-user's browser. There could be total of 4 transformations (using your example above) - PNG, JPEG-XR, and two variants of WebP. The transformations are counted on request and not all at once. For instance, if throughout the lifetime of the resource on your account, only Chrome and Firefox users accessed the PNG image url (``). Then only two transformations would be counted.

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