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How does Cloudinary count my plan's quotas and what does every quota mean?



  • Tilman Linden

    A couple of additional questions regarding...

    "Monthly Transformations - Number of all newly processed assets including original uploads and derivatives."

    My account is showing 2176 image resources and 949 derived images. The number of transformations is 6281 though. No image has been deleted from this account ever. How do these numbers relate to each other? What do the transformations count other than the derived images? If the same transformation is requested twice for the same original image, does this count as 2 transformations?

  • Nadav Ofir

    A unique transformation will be counted only once, regardless the number of visits it gets. However, there are several factors that can affect your Transformations count.
    For example re-uploading (overwriting) the same resource again and again may result with an unexpected Transformation usage.
    More information here:


    Hello Nadav.... I have a question.....
    I didn´t make transformation on Cloudinary, but I did on the url´s....
    for example, I just upload an image (High Res) but then, I just access to the image with .../q_60,w_700,f,auto/.....
    So,How many transformation coludinary counts with this method?

  • Nadav Ofir

    A "Transformation" credit is counted for every newly processed image.
    The mentioned transformation ( .../q_60,w_700,f,auto/..... ) will cost up to 4 times for every original image it's applied to, since 4 different formats can result out of it (WEBP, AWEBP, JPEG-XR & fallback).

  • BangkokU

    How to increase total Images & Videos quotas ?

  • Ido

    You could increase the "total images & video" quota, together with the bandwidth and storage quotas, by following us on twitter, liking us on Facebook, and spreading the word about Cloudinary!

    You can read more about that here:

  • Mas Poco Vendo


    How the bandwidth used to view/download an image of, for example 1MB size, is calculated?

    We need to obtain an average in order to estimate the necessary plan.


  • David Baldie

    I'm not sure I follow the `f_auto` answer.

    If I have ``

    does the `f_auto` parameter = 1 transformation the first time the image is requested that month?

  • Daniel Mendoza

    @David Baldie

    f_auto tells Cloudinary to generate a different image format depending on the end-user's browser. There could be total of 4 transformations (using your example above) - PNG, JPEG-XR, and two variants of WebP. The transformations are counted on request and not all at once. For instance, if throughout the lifetime of the resource on your account, only Chrome and Firefox users accessed the PNG image url (``). Then only two transformations would be counted.

  • Ghore Bazar

    My account has entered into a new billing cycle and paid for this cycle. Yet my account showing bandwidth used 70% from last cycle and counting forward everyday. What will happen when this bandwidth quota reach to 100%? Shouldn't I get a full 100% quota in the new billing cycle? Or is this like the unused bandwidth is carried forward to the new cycle? I am confused.

  • Raya Straus

    The bandwidth quota never fully resets. It always monitors the bandwidth usage within the last 30 days timeframe and alerts if it exceeds the plan's limit

  • Ghore Bazar

    @Raya Straus, you monitor the bandwidth usage within the last 30 days and we know nothing what is happening behind the door! Is this fair? If we subscribers cannot see the remaining balance of my bandwidth how can we manage our websites? You only alert when all bandwidth is exhausted and then we are in risk of shutting down of our website.  Why you prefer to keep us (the customers) blind in this regard?

    According to my admin panel, our website has consumed 72% of allotted bandwidth (actually 2% from new billing cycle and the rest 70% from previous month's cycle). Why have I to carry the 70% from last month? Say, within next couple of days my bandwidth quota reaches 100%, then what will happen? Have I to purchase a new plan though I have used only 30% bandwidth in current billing cycle?

  • savraj

    Hi guys, I'm testing on my machine and uploading about 20 1MB images. Was shocked to see that I've already used 2.92 GB in bandwidth -- how is this possible? Please explain!  We're trying to get my company to sign up but if they see that we've already used up the free quota, they may feel that it doesn't make sense.

  • Daniel Mendoza


    We are speaking on an internal ticket, so we will continue the correspondence there.

  • Pedro Furtado

    Related to @savraj, how to explain that? I am on same situation. Some dozens of imagens, and tons of bandwidth. I am using free version for testing.

  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Pedro, 

    To give a general answer, the most likely reason for unexpectedly large bandwidth usage is if there are many requests for each asset, and if the image URLs on your site are for the original images, rather than for versions of the images which have been optimized in size, quality, and format to match wherein your application you're using them.
    If you can please contact us with the details of your account and how you're using the images, we can check the logs and reports for your account and help you to understand the requests and how to optimize them



  • patricia pauline k

    Hi Guys,

    We started to use cloudinary plus plan and each month we are exceeding the allocated credits mostly contributed by the Transformations. We deal with Video uploads and asked our developer to optimize but no vain. Tried to calculate and ended up like for 80 videos uploaded the count of Transformations are around 24,000 (roughly about 300 Transformation per video) looks this is too much.

    Can you guys please suggest a better way to minimize the transformations else we cannot survive this huge bills.

  • Francis Tagbo

    Hi Patricia,

    Please send us a support ticket and we'll help you to check your account:

  • Grant


    If I embed a Cloudinary-hosted video in my web app will the bandwidth flat fee be applied in full for every initial request even if only part of the video is streamed?

  • Stephen Doyle

    Hi Grant,

    We count the actual bandwidth used to delivery the asset to users, so if a user's browser requests just the first part of the file so that a preview can be shown, that's all we count towards your usage. (And that's very common; I think all modern web browsers grab a few KB first, and don't request the rest of the file until the video starts playing) 

    If the entire video is indeed delivered, we count the full size of whichever derived version of the video was delivered (which if you're using our transformation options to adjust the format, quality size, should be much smaller than the original file)

  • d08922008


    number of api call is unlimited, correct?

    In other words, if the api call does not do any transformation, the price will simply depends on the storage used. Is this correct?

    Thank you.

  • Raz Ziv

    Hey @d08922008,

    With regard to API call limitations, all upload API calls are not rate-limited, while Admin API calls do have a rate limit per hour.

    To answer your main question, if you do not apply any transformations, you will still be charged a single transformation per upload request for handling the upload processing call. Other API calls that do not include any transformation generation nor new uploads will inflict no transformation charges. 
    Any uploaded asset will indeed reflect in your storage utilization. In addition, the bandwidth counter will sum all bytes downloaded via requests made to any of your assets stored on your cloud.

  • d08922008

    Hell Raz,

    thank you for the reply. Just to be more specific.

    Let's say we have a website. When the user enter our website, our home page will access the image store on cloudiary server through url and show them without any transformation. For example: our html page include this tag

    <img src="" />

    Is this a kind of API call?

    I guess it didn't cost money, correct?

    Thank you. Looking forward to use Cloudiary.

  • Raz Ziv

    Hey again @d08922008 :)

    No worries, these kinds of requests will not incur additional transformation charges since the original asset is already uploaded and stored on your cloud and you indeed do not request a new transformation to be generated.

  • Amey More


    How is Managed Storage calculated when some files have been deleted?

    E.g.: For the first 15 days, I had 10GB of assets in my account, and only 1GB for the last 15 days. What will be the final size of Managed Storage that I'll be billed for?

    Thanks :)

  • Akshay Joshi

    Hi Amey,

    All of our plans are calculated by examining the current storage usage and the last 30 days of transformations and bandwidth usage and comparing that to your quota. So whatever your storage is at the end of the billing cycle you will be charged for that.

    The managed storage is calculated as the image count, which is the total number of images and derived images. All images and derived images are stored persistently in the cloud for fast delivery and further processing, therefore, the storage space includes all images and transformed images. As each image can have a number of versions to it, the number of images does not translate directly to the amount of storage. We count all used storage, including the generated transformations.


  • Swim Fishes

    Hi there,

    I am trying to understand if a transformation gets counted once when it happens and is then stored and can be used again without a transform 'cost'.

    So I upload 1 jpeg (1 transformation) and then make 4 different size jpegs (4 transformations) as well as keeping the original. Every one of the 4 copies is transformed into 4 extra image types immediately (16 more transformations)

    So I have done 21 transformations in total as shown again below:

    01 - Transformation for Image Upload.
    04 - Transformations for making different sized copies
    16 - Transformations for creating 4 new versions of the original copy 

    So I now have 20 (+1) images that can be served at the right size and the right type.

    Are these Transformations stored now and the original image does not need to be Transformed again? 

    You will subsequently store and use these 20 transformed images in the future.

    Hence I am only 'charged' once against my quota at the time the 20 transformations are made.

    Or not? And the transformation quota is used every time the original image is called.

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply :)

  • Danny Valentine

    Hi Bud.

    You've nailed it. Transformations are done on a one-time basis, and as long as the transformed assets aren't deleted at any point, you won't need to regenerate them.

    If you any reason you do need to delete the derived/transformed assets, you can use the Admin API, and at this point you would consume transformation credits again. This article gives a couple of examples of how to delete derived assets, and full details are in our docs.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to reply here or create a ticket via our Support Center if you need any further assistance.

    Developer Support Engineer


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