Why is the migration process stuck on zero?

In order to perform the migration, make sure you have Cron running as both Magento and the Cloudinary plugin need Cron jobs running.

For more information about setting up a Cron job in Magento:


Note that you can use the plugin without migrating old images, however only new images added after you have enabled the plugin will be managed and optimized by Cloudinary.

In addition:

  • Make sure you use cron.sh rather than crop.php (cron.sh runs cron.php and checks if there are other instances running).
  • Make sure that cron.sh has execution permissions for the user the cronjob is executed as.
  • Change your Cron to run every 5 minutes.
  • Clear the cache (System > Configuration > Advanced > System).
  • The Configuration cache should be manually cleared. If config is cached in Redis, then Redis should be restarted.
  • Make sure Cloudinary jobs are scheduled in the Cron jobs. Try to run the following query in SQL:
    SELECT * FROM cron_schedule WHERE job_code="cloudinary_migrate";
  • Scheduled jobs are sometimes not run because of too greater time between Cron runs. The Cron script should be changed to run every 5 or 10 minutes.
    Also, go to the settings in 'System -> Configuration -> System (under Advanced) -> Cron. In particular, make sure all values are > 0, and that 'Missed if Not Run Within' is greater than the frequency of the Cron script, and that 'Generate Schedules Every' is lower than 'Schedule Ahead For'.
  • If none of the above helped, turn on logging and capture a sample from the system and exception logs and share it with our support team, this may provide us further clues about the issue.
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