How can I add several text overlays with time intervals to a video clip?

Cloudinary supports adding text overlays to an uploaded movie clip, setting the start point and the end point (or the duration) for each overlay to appear.

Different methods are available for setting the start/end point for the text overlays. Further information can be found in the following docs (under "Offset parameters for Trimming and Overlays"):

Below is an example to a video clip, containing 4 back-to-back overlaid text lines, lasting 4 seconds each:,g_north_east,e_brightness:200,o_40,x_5,y_5,w_120/l_text:Roboto_34px_bold:First%20text,co_white,g_west,x_10,eo_3/l_text:Roboto_34px_bold:Second%20text,co_white,g_west,x_10,so_3,eo_6/l_text:Roboto_34px_bold:Third%20text,co_white,g_west,x_10,so_6,eo_9/l_text:Roboto_34px_bold:Fourth%20text,co_white,g_west,x_10,so_9,eo_12/dog.mp4

Such URLs can sometimes grow bigger and exceed the limit determined by browsers. This can be solved by using a pre-uploaded subtitles file (SRT) as an overlay for the movie clip. This will result in shortening the URL and encapsulating the overlaid text.

An example to a pre-uploaded (resource-type:raw) subtitles file:

Applying the subtitles file over a video clip is as easy as using one overlay transformation, e.g.:


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