How to deliver images via HTTPS in WordPress?




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    So for anyone using a Word Press theme that has a drag and drop builder for creating webpages and posts most of the theme developers won't work with Cloudinary for some reason despite Cloudinary making attempts to work with them so there are some work arounds for not being able to press the cloudinary library button from within the page builder in the modules section.
    If you keep all the files on your Host site and then click the upload to cloudinary from within the Media library. Then when you're in the module builder of whatever theme builder you're using just click the ordinary add media button that comes on all word press themes and then chose the appropriate image and it will set it up on your page or post with the correct cloudinary url. If you're using Beaver Builder or WPMUdev's builder or Divi builder or Divi theme from Elegant themes don't even bother hitting the cloudinary media insert button in your text editor window because it won't work the theme builders disable it somehow. To deliver images via HTTPS in Wordpress the easiest way is to just set up the HTTPS header in the General settings tab and then use "Simple SSL" plugin and it will force all insecure files to change url to Https automatically. Very simple.

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    Øyvind Lasse Høysæter

    Hi Ido, I cannot see any change - when I upload images (to migrate) via media-library it still is http://. And I can't replace when this is many of my posts:


    [gallery size=full columns=1]

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    Yassine Lam




    I have just migrated all my media and cloudinary send them back non secure, even after changing them backk all to HTTPS with "search & replace"


    How can i fix this Asap please, i have a non secure in all my pages now!



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    Rene Kaul

    Hi Itay, is it possible to set "https" as default?

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    Itay Taragano

    This information is very helpful for our users.
    Thank you very much for that :)

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    Ido Barnoam


    The https default is applied when inserting images to post, and not on upload. Did you see this behavior when inserting an image?

    If I misunderstood what you meant by your question then please open a request at so we could take a closer look at the request and your use case.

    Regarding the gallery shortcode you shared, You're right that since the gallery short code links to an internal post with the image, it's not possible to change the URLs like that. 
    If you want to change the URLs you would need to change the short code to include the visible Cloudinary link by adding the below for each image:

    [gallery link="url"]

    This would allow using https link.

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    Ido Barnoam

    Hi Steven,

    We have recently changed our WP plugin behavior so when delivering images using the plugin the default is https. You could change that behavior as described above.

    If there are existing posts with cloudinary image URLs in them, you can replace the "http" with "https" in the URL in the post content.
    This can be done by manually editing the post as text. Bulk updates can be done using a search and replace plugin (see or use SQL.

    For example:

    update wp_posts set post_content = replace(post_content, 'http://res.cloudinary', 'https://res.cloudinary');

    Make sure to backup your data before any bulk operation!

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    Nadav Ofir

    Hi Rene,
    We plan to add this option going forward, and will update here when done.
    Meantime, for bulk purposes I would suggest using 'search & replace' plugins to change all "HTTP://" occurrences to "HTTPS://".
    You may also find Brad's idea above interesting for your needs.

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    Shirly Manor

    Hi Yassine,

    In order to provide a better feedback, can you please contact our support with your cloud name and your website? Looking forward to your ticket,


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    Steven Roberts

    ok My Clients' site is under SSL ALL Pages are https:// and EV SSL cert in fact and Im uploading from the Media Library to cloudinary via Bulk options will the images served from cloudinary instead of our site be under SSL because if it isnt then cloudinary is useless for us and we wont be upgrading to a paid subscription looking forward to your answer

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