How to list all resources older than a specific date?

Cloudinary's powerful Admin-API supports listing of resources older than a predefined date by providing a matching start_at parameter.

Values for this parameter should be provided in a Date & Time representation.
Below are few examples:

> (new DateTime(201505200730))->format(DateTime::ISO8601)
> new java.util.Date()
> new Date("May 20, 2015 07:30:00")

The next resources() API call (Rails) will collect only, and upto 500 resources which were created earlier than May 20th, 2015:

> Cloudinary::Api.resources(,05,20), max_results:500)

If you wish to list resources newer than a specific date, this is done by setting the `direction` parameter to "asc", e.g.:

> Cloudinary::Api.resources(,05,20), direction:"asc", max_results:500)

Note that pagination might be essential in order to collect all matching resources.
When there are still more resources to go through, the next_cursor value is returned as part of the response. You can then specify this value as the next_cursor parameter of the following call. This way you can go through the full list of your resources.
For more information, see: 

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    JR Parnell

    Is there a opposite of start_at? I want to list all the images that are created after a specific date?

    Edited by JR Parnell
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    Roee Ben-Ari

    This can be done by setting the `direction` parameter to `asc`, as mentioned above.

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