How do I grant Cloudinary with the permissions to backup on my private S3 bucket?

In order to provide Cloudinary with the suitable permissions for storing backups on your private S3 bucket, please follow the steps below:

  1. Add full access permissions to the AWS account of ''.
    Permission assignment can be done using Amazon's AWS S3 console.
    • You should select the bucket
    • Select the Properties tab
    • Select "Add more permissions" from the "Permissions" section
    • Enter '' in the "Grantee" field (In some cases you may need to use our Canonical ID instead: a6cb2907a1f29bc5207045273827a60922bfc149c91d024f39d243aa7d1a4110)
    • Check all permission options and click "Save"
  2. Go to your Cloudinary account's Upload settings page
  3. Enable Automatic backup
  4. Under Backup S3 bucket register your S3 bucket by its name
  5. Click on 'Initial backup' (link becomes available only after saving changes).

At the end of the process, all of your existing content will be backed up on your private S3 bucket, and future uploads will be stored there as well.

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