Why does Cloudinary reject the files I'm uploading?

As part of our ongoing security enhancements our default upload behavior was updated to reject potentially harmful executable files. The following file formats are now rejected by default: 

'action', 'apk', 'app', 'bat', 'bin', 'cmd', 'com', 'command', 'cpl', 'csh', 'exe', 'gadget', 'inf1', 'ins', 'inx', 'ipa', 'isu', 'job', 'jse', 'ksh', 'lnk', 'msc', 'msi', 'msp', 'mst', 'osx', 'out', 'paf', 'pif', 'prg', 'ps1', 'reg', 'rgs', 'run', 'sct', 'shb', 'shs', 'u3p', 'vb', 'vbe', 'vbs', 'vbscript', 'workflow', 'ws', 'wsf'.

If you need to host files of any of this types (Available for paid plans only) please contact our support.

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